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September 6, 2012

New 2!

Finally, is on the verge of going beta! This script is 454 lines of getting things done!

The code is better organized. I've decided to take a page from and apply some of the functionalty for adding single lines to created files. The result is some clean comprehensive code that can produced up to 14 different file types.

The next step in is code inclusion. already has this ability and it's time had it to.

It is necessary to remember that is the file for creating Java, PHP, Perl, Python, and Ruby files. The former two I think I know how to include files for. The latter three should be easy to understand. The whole point of is to mash together a working template for code that the user can define the skeleton in command line and flesh out in their favorite text editor.

Tomorrow, I hope to up load a new version of that takes some coding methods I learned from and apply it to

I'm already excited to start working on adding OpenGL and curses.h to and a new version of Poly.js that includes some SVG style path defintions with a few modifications I look forward to sharing with tomorrow. I'm also psyched about trying some new Brush class methods in Poly.js I wasn't able to demostrate last time. But I think I have the code worked out.

Good things are coming this weekend! I know you're going to like them.


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