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July 8, 2012

Fix Todo Widget: DONE!

Finally! I fixed the TODO widget. Asside from needing to ajust the stylesheet for subtasks, this widget works now, and it will allow me to pursue other XML projects on this website in the near future. Projects/Porfolio section of this site could really use it.

It also turns out if you want to jQuery to apply changes after you've created or append a new element, you can't tell the new element todo anything until the entire page is rendered. Not even defering a <script> element to tell the computer to process any modifications after the page is rendered will convince the computer to do it. You'll have to do it manually afterwards, or maybe even create a cookie with some element settings to save to activate before hand. I'm still a bit new to jQuery, but I'm learning a lot about it.

I also figured out how jQuery modifies elements inside an <iframe>. As you see from looking through the heriarchy of an <iframe>, the parent page is separated from the child page by a #document, which can't be touch no matter what you do. There are a few things you can do that don't use jQuery and vary from browser to browser. But in the end, using


is your best bet for doing something. the_iframe can be the <iframe>'s id or class or the element's nameitself, and the item_in_the_iframe can be an element from the page inside the <iframe>.

Second item on the agenda today, the Amazon widget is back. For now, I'll use this to list the various products used in various projects like the one yesterday. I'm still trying to figure out how to get the footer to show up at the end of the contents section of this blog wich contains both columns. It looks fine when my blog is in page mode, but in article mode, it looks terrible. This is an issue I intend to address and should be fixed in the near future.


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