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February 26, 2012

Object-Oriented Blog

Apparently when I wrote a post, the blog would skip post. This was a major programming error on my part that I am resolving. (That's what happens when you work alone and nobody is there to check your codes. Wish I had a "code buddy" to check these things.) On the other hand, I rewrote the blog software again and it is COMPLETELY objected oriented! So if any employers read this site and ask do I have any working programs that they can use as an example YOU'RE LOOKING AT ONE RIGHT NOW!

So anyway, this week, I've realized that much my site's layout measurements need to change so that the people who have more money than myself and who have 27 inch computer screens on their desk (or as they should be called when they get that big "TELEVISIONS") aren't looking at mostly black striped wallpaper. I've learned a lot about how different browsers render this site. Especially MSIE 9's "compatibility mode" or as it should be called "1998 mode".

So for everyone else whose browsers are designed for the 21st Century, espeically since we're chugging though the second decade of it, you may see something new in the header. That would be my logo that I designed. This file is an Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file created in a program called Inkscape. It looks much bigger when you save it, but it has been scaled down to fit this website. It is probably the most important file for any computer scientist, or computer science major, to have on their computer. I have a black version stored right here incase anyone want's to print it out. I condensed the rules a bit by consolidating the symbols hence the squares that could either mean logical AND or logical OR depending on which key you use. I really should have put a trademark symbols on it, but I'll fix that later.

I think I really like how my blog system works so far. Still no SQL, but the fact that I can write content with ease from any text console with my understanding of HTML and the Vim editor, I don't really need to use SQL at the moment. I have considered that if I want my tagging system and a search set up in the future, a graphical user interface would need to be created.

I had a really good idea going for how I wanted to set the tables up, up until I though about the Entity-Relationship model. Perhaps something was missing. I've always tried to be careful with how I want to describe my programming dilemas with others on the account that if I just told them exactly what was in it, they would either take it as their own or devise a method to compromise security through some fatal flaw in the programming. You don't have these worries when you have someone you know in real life who you can contact online and who knows what you are talking about and that you can trust.


The biggest bummer with being a computer programmer sometimes is that all your friends are on Facebook, but almost none of them are ever in an Internet Relay Chat room talking about programming. Perhaps I need to make some new friends who are into that sort of thing.

Sure, there are the acquintances that you make through the local mailing lists, but what freaks me out is how much older most of them are. There aren't too many people in the St. Louis area around my age who do this stuff for a living. There really need to be more, but it is not up for me to decide what people want to do with their lives.

Overall, it helps to have that social contact with people who do this sort of thing especially in an emergency.


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