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January 17, 2012

Major Changes Today

Today, some new major changes were implemented to this site. I've reorganized my cascading stylesheets, I've created an error page, and some .htaccess content was introduced.

But that is nothing compared to some much needed new hardware.

Last week I snagged an HP Touchpad off of eBay. Considered a flop by most techbloggers, this device is spectacular once you've added CyanogenMod to the device. Reverend Kyle does an excellent job of explaining most of the things you can do to hack your HP Touchpad. I've decided not to use Ice Cream Sandwich yet until instructions for upgrading to ICS become available.

Gamers will definely enjoy turning their tablet devices into the ultimate versatile gaming device with the apps Sixaxis Controller, MAME4droid, and Minecraft Pocket Editon (a.k.a. Minecraft PE) installed. A video by Qbertaddct1 shows how to set up the Sixaxis with Android. There are other videos that tell you how to set up these things, but most of them show how to do them with Windows. I've been successful enough to do it with a Linux machine and look forward to explaining how to do it with Linux in the near future.

I'm so eager to tell everybody how I got this list of things working today, but I've been busting my butt working on the website today. In the near future, I hope to spend more time using my Touchpad to make updates with ConnectBot and the Hacker's Keyboard apps. I'm also looking forward to doing this anywhere once I get EasyTether to work with my Touchpad. And maybe for the heck of it, I'll give Orbot and Firefox for Android for a spin later this week. Which brings me to another important subject.

There will be no update tomorrow due to the global Internet protest against the Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act being brought back to the attention of geeks like myself on the same day that Congress shows back to work either to support the Hollywood Tyrants who frankly don't care what is on TV but want you to watch their terrible dreck under punishment of jailtime for watching good TV programing on your PC they won't air, or uphold the Internet and protect it from online censorship and baseless acusations like "piracy", "anti-competitiveness", or "counterfitting products" by Big Pharma, the Beauty Products Industry, MPAA, and RIAA.

You'll be happy to know that this site is hosted by Dreamhost, who is also against SOPA and PIPA. So if you're still looking for an alternative to GoDaddy (who still supports these dreadful acts but is saying "were against it" on the fact that once word got around that GoDaddy supported them), feel free to run your site on Dreamhost.

I'm bushed. I'll see you in two days. STOP CENSORSHIP! Visit and help keep trans-national corporations and their allied groups (i.e. MPAA and RIAA) from controlling Internet content. Visit the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Good luck to all! PEOPLE BEFORE PROFITS!


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