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September 16, 2012

Project status update

Just incase anyone was wondering "Hey, where's the new verson of [insert program here]" here's a little status update.

The next version of has been split into modules. I wasn't sure if I should have named the smaller include files as .sh or .rc, but I'm thinking of trying out releasing new 3.0a as a tarball rather than just a shell script. Basically, the same newy goodness with includes like new_c like I've been bragging about the past couple of months.

The next version of might also be split into modules. I might add the libraries for integrating Python, MySQL, Ruby, and Perl. Don't forget OpenGL and NCurses should be in the next version.

I want to do something with Poly.js this week. I had planned on doing something with it but my netbook conked out. I like the old way of inputing paths that SVG did so I'm writing a new method to update path points with instructions to behave sort of like that with some extra features.

Other than that, short and sweet. More updates soon.


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