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June 14, 2012

JRCBlog v3.0 beta

As always, the things that are on this site are constantly evolving.

Today, I went through the past 29 blog posts made some formatting changes to comply with HTML5 standards. (You should know that <tt></tt> is no longer part of HTML. Use <code></code> instead!) I am enamored with the <figure> and <figcaption> elements. If you don't have a browser that supports these elements, get one!

From now on, all code examples will be in <iframe> elements. Most everything that is in them will be downloadable with a link just below it.

On the PHP side of things, I no longer need to manually start each of my posts with an date. I just type in my title, and my blogware, wich I am calling JRCBlog at the moment, does the rest. A list of previous posts will be in the side bar and posts can now be viewed individually. Which is great cause post can now be sharable. None of it runs on a database yet. But given I have a pretty sold structure set up in this version of my blogware there is now room for expanision when the time comes.

Pagnation is now stablized. No more pages at the end saying "Error 404" at the end of the queue of posts.

Jill Integration will happen sometime before the end of the week for my posts with <canvas> elements.

Everything written from scratch. No Smarty templates. No crazy libraries. Just straightforward results that should be easy to comprehend and do what needs to be done.

Overall, I feel pretty good about what I've done today. I just wish I had a better computer with a larger screen so that I can make some real magic happen. Especially with all this WebGL stuff that is going on. It's funny, I could run a small 3D OpenGL program that does basically nothing, but the same Intel chipset this computer uses doesn't do WebGL. It loves to bottleneck up for 10 minutes doing I don't-know-what in the background while I am writing a program, but ask it to play a video on YouTube and it will do it but in a bit choppy manner.

So the Paypal button is back on. To anyone I know who objected to me posting it, perhaps when you have no job and run out of money in the middle of the month and no employer wants to hire you promptly in the same fashion that employers demand that you meet their work deadlines, you'll understand why I put the Paypal button on my page...again.

But enough of such critical responses. I think I've accumulated enough links on my site to start putting items into the link list widget. Which, by the way, enjoy the new previous posts widget.


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