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March 11, 2013

Bianca makes LaTeX SeXy

No, not the gal from the previous post, but she can do that too.

For the past week, I've been working to redevelop Scarfboy's PHPLaTeX which used dvi2ps and ImageMagick's convert. Bianca works much simpler. It uses dvipng. Both my program and his use tex which generates the .dvi file.

I still need to set up a project page for Bianca. For the moment, I am content that this project is finally complete with exception for a few tweaks I still need to make, both to Bianca and this website. I nearly broke this website to get the demo page to work, and I still want to use small file names that sites like Imgur use to post images. I also wish that I didn't need to double backslash all my backslashes. At any rate, processing this code:

\\iiint\\limits_A \\, f\\left( x,y,z \\right) \\mathrm{d} x\\,\\mathrm{d} y\\,\\mathrm{d} z = 
\\iiint\\limits_B \\, f\\left(p\\left(u,v,w\\right),q\\left(u,v,w\\right),r\\left(u,v,w\\right)\\right) \\,
\\dfrac{\\partial x}{\\partial u} &\\dfrac{\\partial x}{\\partial v} & \\dfrac{\\partial x}{\\partial w} \\\\
\\dfrac{\\partial y}{\\partial u} & \\dfrac{\\partial y}{\\partial v} & \\dfrac{\\partial y}{\\partial w} \\\\
\\dfrac{\\partial z}{\\partial u} & \\dfrac{\\partial z}{\\partial v} & \\dfrac{\\partial z}{\\partial w} \\\\
\\right \\, \\mathrm{d} u\\,\\mathrm{d} v\\,\\mathrm{d} w
TeX code

Into this beautiful image:

It's all about the Jacobians, baby!

So while have the audience is now reaching for the Excedrin, the other half that is still here should be elated to know that more examples like this will be made in the future as part my my series on mathematics. A full TeX file will be shared tomorrow...wait, Daylight Savings Time! OK. Maybe later today. Good night!


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