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May 12, 2012

Yes and No

Last post, I stated that I would get the ToDo List to take an XML file and use jQuery to convert it into part of the page's HTML. So far, it hasn't panned out like I've wanted.

The good news is, If you want to see the XML file (while I have the permission set to let you) as an XML file processed with XSLT and defined with a DTD, you can take a look at what I want the results of my jQuery to look like when I finally get it to work. I ended out created an XSLT file hoping that if the jQuery replaceWith elements weren't going to work, let XML handle it. Turns out it doesn't work like that.

I have used XML before and used XSLT to process the XML data to look like a web page. This was slightly before I figured out how PHP works and ultimately, developed as a precursor to my old GCC tutorial which I wrote back in college. (I had a CSS file for it, but it's probably not it the same directory at the moment. It should be fixed soon.)

I'm verily sure that I will have this solved very soon. Rest assure, things are working, just not in the way I wanted.


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