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September 28, 2012 keeps it cool.

Over the past couple of weeks, my computer has had some trouble staying cool. With no fan, it is now easier for critical temperature alarms to be triggered even when the computer isn't doing anything and you have the lid closed.

To compsenate for this, I've developed a new program today to integrate this information into the tmux interface in the very near future. is a program that takes the data from sensors and consolidates the information into a single line of output fit for tmux. Most of the code in this project was written in gawk. It was a real learning experience as I figured out why my previous ventures in using gawk to do all my awk programming had some trouble getting of the ground as nobody had really brought it to the attention of the general public (or atleast me) that I would need to use the --posix option to get gawk to do anything if I needed to change the FS field separator. Perhaps the best way to help everybody else is to bring some emphais to that.

You will need to use --posix if you change FS in gawk

That should be emphasis enough.

I bet if the folks to created the gawk derivative of awk had placed emphasis on this information, O'Rielly Media would be selling book titled sed & gawk Cookbook or sed & gawk Pocket Reference instead of sed & awk Cookbook and sed & awk Pocket Reference. The latter of which I have and is a must have along with bash Pocket Reference. Both books by Arnold Robbins.

So the next step would be to integrate into the status bar of tmux.


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