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September 27, 2012

A Good Head

FINALLY! the header is completely fixed! A nearly seamless header where the bottom of the banner and the top of the navigation bar meet such that they are perfectly aligned to look as one object even when the corners are rounded. The only think that could make me happier about this part of my webpage layout is if the header and the content were aligned. Nothing a little nudge to the right can't fix.

At any rate, I'm open for a new color scheme. A mouseover cyan might seem to be gaudy.

I'm hoping by the end of the day, I can start experimenting with menus in the header. This means in the near future, no more going o the Projects page to get to the New projects.

I'm also thinking about what I want my PHP MySQL requests to look like. I want the information here to be dynamic but at the same time I don't want strangers mucking up the database. I've held out so long for database usage and I am considering some modern design changes.

In other project news, I really wish I had taken up Ruby years ago. File creation seems so easy with it. Where as in C and C++ you go to make all these exceptions and open and close streams with detail. Ruby just make it so easy.


file ="#{ENV['HOME']}/demo.txt",'w');
file.puts("All your base are belong to us!");
So very easy!

The C++ version of such a program would never be five lines long! (Well, four if you omit the blank line.) This has me thinking about some design plans for a text-based ncurses CMS that would be prototyped in Ruby then fleshed out in C++.


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