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October 2, 2012

Hey! What's that thing up there?!

After over a week of tinkering, the new menubar is ready for this site. While I developed it to be more extensive for more than two levels of items, for the moment, the content I put into the array just shows the list of my active projects. It's not fully complete. There are still a few things I'd like to fix like whenever you mouseover a submenu and you don't want the entire thing to disappear, that's sort of been my dilemma.

On the plus side I've developed this menu with such flexablity that the only thing that needs to be input into is a PHP array. jQuery handles most of the style changes, though I would really like to find a way to use .on() for any mouseout events, not to mention fiddle with some of jQuery's animation features.

I'm hoping that with this project nearly wrapped up and in an adequate state, I can get back to working on jill.js and also implementing SQL.

Beneath is ugly color scheme is a lot of beautiful code. Today, we've made it all the more beautiful and functional.


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