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June 19, 2012

Projects Page v2.0

I think I've shared enough programs on this website to finally define my portfolio. But I'm not finished yet. I have more than a bunch of Bash shell scripts to offer.

Eventually, I'd like to upload some executable programs composed in C or C++, maybe even Java if I can find the interest to Java again.

I like using C and C++. Like Perl, Bash and PHP, the C and C++ languages are straightforward. You don't need to buy twelve different books on various things made for Java like Hibernate or Spring, which I may have mentioned previously.

From what I've learned recently, Objective-C and Objective-C++ are of interest. (Note I said OBJECTIVE-C, not C#). Objective-C claims to have made the pointers in C/C++ foolproof. If that is so, I will need to make a third version of my script.

At the moment, I'm still working on version 2.0, which I have been working on the past week and have made some significant breakthroughs. This script is so good, I wish I had a time machine to give this thing to myself over decade ago when I was just getting into C++ and Object-Oriented Programming.

June has been a very productive month at this website. Hopefully it will end with me working at a job where I can apply my knowledge.

In the meantime, projects are being completed. New projects are being started. And everyday I feel like I am one step closer to success.

Good things are coming soon. I can feel it!


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