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July 23, 2016

A New Site Coming VERY VERY Soon

It's been something I've been thinking about all summer. And I've finally summoned the courage to break out my hard hat. In order to create a new website, I need to demolish this one!

What about all the content I've added? We'll as I stated in my last post, I've been putting more effort into other projects. I was going to hold out for the Raspberry Pi 4 to come out, but considering no word has come out about that, an upgrade to the Raspberry Pi 3 for my hacktop project may be in the works especially after having to struggle with setting up media for it. But I'm still going to work with my Pi 2B as much as possible including figuring out how to get Midori set up. Midori may be the only light-weight browser that may have developer tools (I hope), which is what I REALLY want from using the hacktop and to tinker with the HTML5 Canvas features. However, if I am unable to do this, and the device consumes too many resource with something that was engineered for efficenticy, then the project will be considered a failure.

However, I have been testing out some OpenGL code in C++ and things seem to be working OK. Also, audio appears to be working so that's also good. So the probably of sucess should be feasable. Otherwsie, I'll have to look into creating my own browswer, which I really don't want to do as that would be time consuming, and I'm not being paid for doing this. (I really wish I knew how Patreon worked.)

So at this point, I need to make money the normal way: a job. One where the boss doesing think a person like me has an "entitlement complex" because he's never had to pay any of his employees $15 per hour and doesn't start his day with an unhealthy dose of conservative talk radio which constantly broadcasts messages that only a fool would accept.

I've tried very hard on this blog to keep my toes out of the political waters. Yet with all that has happened, especially in the past couple of years, why any employer would pretend they accept anyone as an employee but not hire the people who were actually capabile of doing the job because they are female, black, Latino, gay, disabled, or asked to be paid a living wage is not an employer who is interested in hiring these people espeically since there are things like Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) and Tax benefits for businesses who hire employees with disablities. However, politicians will only focus on Veterans, not disabled veterans. (The whole disaster that the VA Hospital system because proved that.

You can be of sound mind and everything else about you healthy (normal blood pressure, regular diet and exercise, maintain a reasonable sleep cycle) and some minor detail about you like being on the autism spectrum or some other quirk and you're ability to be hired at a good company with a good boss who understands why you have so many gaps in your employment history were for at-will reasons in a job market not interested in hiring idiot savants just idiots becomes infintessmal. Even more so if you didn't have a lot of friends, didn't spend more money to go to a more expesive school that everyone has greater respect for, and can confidently show up at an interview not worried about any of your life problems because you still have a full head of hair, your own car to get their, and someone at home who loves you.

I don't envy anyone who has those things and who has worked hard to get them. The problem is finding places that will let you work hard but keep your diginity in tact. What good is working some place for less than $10 per hour when it doesn't pay off your debts or allow your the freedom to spend your weekend or other days off going out some place or buying the things you need to be a better worker or to work towards upwawrd mobility?

It is true success isn't easy, but it shouldn't be impossible. And we all know nobody is going to give us instant success, and if they do that is a terrible thing to give someone as they will never know the value of effort, yet we live in a society were there are people who were given such a thing and we are expected to idolize, worship , and give a damn about what they do.

And yet we are told to be "thankful for what we have because other people have less". Well what about the people who do have less? What should they be thankful for? Tell that to the child whose parents work two jobs but only gets fed once a day at the public school summer lunch program that some people he's never met think the state is giving too much to feed that kid. Tell that to the unemployed man who starts doing oddjobs because his government gave a big tax incentive to the big corporation he used to work for and spent it on moving the assembly line outside of the country. Tell that to the woman whose lecherous boss who wrote a strict dress code for women is about to fire her because she's "too old" in his opinion. Tell that to the black man whose successful job has allowed him to recently moved into a better neighborhood but his being pulled over by a police officer for racial profiling. Good good, there are too many of those stories right now! In fact, this recent one in North Miami, Florida, has be hopping mad considering it involved attempting to shoot an autistic man because someone phoned in a false report.

Why should anyone be thankful for less and be told to be content with it? There aren't as many shopping malls. The internet get's blamed for the mistakes retailers made of kicking out teenagers from malls and letting big anchor stores E.E.E. (Embrace, Extend, Extinguish) each other. I recently was getting a ride with someone to this organization I was with that let me commute 20 minutes to my home until the state Vocational Rehabilitation department decided that because they were going to provide me a free monthly bus pass for next month, I could spend two hours in the blistering summer heat taking our local mass transit system operated by people who do not seek out private investors to help pay for better transit improvements like light rail expansion and making sure that the parts of town that didn't get the phone call from 1964 about this thing called Title III and Title VII in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 or the other notifications from 1973, 1990, and 2008 reguarding disablity rights.

So we now see that our society has about as much interest upholding the Americans With Disabilities Act as it does with the Civil Rights Act, it might be time to consider working for people who follow the laws not because excuses like "the federal government told us to" or "because of the rise of political correctness" but because these thing were the right thing to do in the first place ignored it anyway.

It shouldn't take federal mandates to ask people to treat each other equally and with respect but unfortunately we had to do it and it appears we still need to still fight the same people who still don't want to do it, especially now since a lot of them "want their country back". Talk about who feels entitled!


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