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February 19, 2012

Thinking Like a Programmer

I spent most of Saturday brainstorming MySQL tables. I have my database set up, all I need to do now is figure out how to organize my information especially if I wanted to track records like they were objects then tag objects accordingly to the type of object. Friday's reorganization has really rebooted my thinking process on how to kickstart MySQL integration.

Security is still a concern for me. While much of the major issues may have been discussed on Bobby Tables, I really want that to be a secondary issue so that development is primary.

More or less the priority list I have going goes like this:

  1. Develop website
  2. Post some code examples (I should check my test script folder. There's bound to be some goodies.)
  3. Secure website
  4. Find job (while doing items 1 through 3)
  5. Pay debts
  6. Pay taxes
  7. Enjoy life

Although, I know there are some readers who will likely tell me that item number 4 should be on top of the list. The whole reason this site is exist is so that employers find this site, take a peek at some of my handywork and are impressed enough to call me up and state their interest in hiring someone like me. I can't think of any other way to describe the sequence.

By the way, if someone reading this site could send me screenshots of what this site looks like in Internet Explorer 9 (especially in compatiblity mode), that would be very helpful so that I can make the necessary modifications to get IE9 to recognize all the beautiful features that all the other browsers recognize.

A few other helpful hints and hacks before I close today's post: I think I may have mentioned how great IRSSI is especially if you use Linux or UNIX as your operating system. A couple of nights ago, I was playing around with the /exec command while chatting and found out that if you install mpg321 as well, you can play music files while chatting, provide that you use escape characters where necessary.

/exec mpg321 path/to/Music\ Folder/Artist\ Name\ \-\ Song\ Name\ \(Remix\).mp3

It also turns out the way I've been using <footer> might not have been correct. This new HTML5 element is OK when you usie it inside an <article> element but outside of that it can't be used like I though it could. <header> can still be used like I currently have it. I'd be interested in displaying the proper methods of which to use these new elements in the near future as I will need to make changes to my site to make it HTML5 compatible like I want it.


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