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About this project

This project includes all of the series of files except which has its own page.


What is started out as a series of separate shell scripts. All of them designed to generate new files based on what file you wanted to make. The smaller scripts were developed well enough that they were combined into one script which executes a task based on the file extension of the input argument.

How are the files generated? is what I'd like to call a "smart script". It does more than just touch. It generates the headers and file structures commonly used when writing a shell script.

Thus, if you want to create a new Bash shell script use A new Java source file? Use (With java it can also write the basic class template.) A new Perl script? Or even a new PHP file? Use file.php). The possiblities could be endless if I new the layout of every file time. But this script just handles the few frequent ones.

I have a file for creating C and C++ files, but I'm making a better version of it to do more than create new .c and .cpp files. has some advanced features that I should consider integrating into in the near future.

Why create a script to do this?

The purpose of the new_sh is to eliminate the repetitive task of writing common code sequences and to encourage the use of writing a header in files that describe what a file does.

Why are C and C++ files not generated with

new_sh and are two different animals at this point. new_sh just generates scripts. does more than that. I'll explain that on the project page.


File Version Date Description 2.1a 6 Sep 2012 Code is better organized. A push toward beta status! 2.0a 17 Aug 2012 Major fixes made. Create a file based on file extension. Obsolete. 1.1a 8 Jul 2012 Create a file based on file extension. Obsolete 1.0a 1 Mar 2012 Create a new shell script. Obsolete. 1.0a 1 Mar 2012 Create a new PHP file. Obsolete. 1.0a 28 Feb 2012 Create a new Java source file. Obsolete. 1.0a 28 Feb 2012 Create a new Perl script. Obsolete.


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