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August 5, 2012

Programming is such an art at times (which may explain why I'm a starving artist!)

August is the time for Job Fairs. So to anyone who I've met recently and shared a resume with, welcome to my website.

Today's flavor of the day is HTML5 Canvas. I've spent most of the day whipping up some killer HTML5 and JavaScript.

If you recall one of my previous projects Jill, the jQuery Illustrator. Jill makes using HTML5 Canvas easy. A new version of Jill is available. Today, I have a new JavaScript project called Poly which handles polygons when used with Jill. These files along with the source for a couple of demonstration pages will be listed at the end of this page.

It is remarkable how well HTML5 Canvas can handle so many objects. One of my two examples generates what could possibly be millions of hexagons for a color hexagon grid I was working on today. Even on my small netbook, the fill processed without cramping up too many resources. On a much smaller scale, I generated a smaller color hexagon grid.

Download hexcolors.html at the end of this post.

One of the things I noticed is that when did this, for the most part I own used two color elements at the same time. It sort of reminded me of partial differential equations. I am quite interested in learning what the common equation the three code sections I had when I drew the hexagon have in common.

At any rate, I feel like I have created something beautiful and functional. I have interest in integrating the hexagon functions in the next version of Poly. They could be useful in created two-dimensional isometric drawings, a method of drawing that draftsmen (both traditional and computer-aided) have used for decades to create the illusion of a three dimensional perspective in a two dimensional medium.

I could try to whip up a program that could draw things in 3D but doing so requires a greater amount of time, effort, and especially computer hardware.

My next post may contain a new version of the Polygon Library and a couple of math things I want to try out.


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