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February 17, 2012

All sorts of good

I rebuilt the blog structure today. I'm starting to see what I must do to input articles into a database. However, there are still a few kinks in this new system. Nothing explotable, mind you. But the way this blog functions is starting to create some form. One of which I'm thinking I can modify into a object oriented structure inthe near future.

Some of the potential hires are requesting programming examples of my work. Much of what I've done over the past decade should be migrating to this site inthe next few days, including a couple of tutorials that I myself have found useful sometimes to look back on when necessary.

I'm clewning up this site a bitto be more compatible with IE9 at least. The Compatibility Mode in IE9 seriously feels like somebody takes the W3C's HTML5 standards and kicks it in the shins. It's not fair to users of Firefox, Chrome, and all the other browsers that support Apple's Webkit. (Of which Internet Explorer isthe only one that isn't playing nice with others.)

All sorts of good are coming to this site this weekend. Including the ability to view posts individually. Maybe post tagging by the end of the month. That's a popular feature many CMS's have.

Finally, to any recruiters, I am open to your job offers, but I do read the job requirements and I'm not moving to Phoenix because that's where the job is. I like being in St. Louis. I'll eventually consider making some trips to Chicago once the High Speed Rail project between the two cities is complete. Chicago would open a lot of doors once commuting time between the two cities is under two hours. But for now, meet me in St. Louie, Louie. And meet you at the fair...job fair that is.

Speaking of fairs, there was suppost to be a big Linux conference at St. Louis's Union Station last year, but it was postponed until this year. (Union Station has fallen on a bit of hard times the past few years, so I guess the organizers of the even put it off unition things got straighten up a bit.) I still look forward to going to that event if it happens. So, I'll keep my eyes peeled and post some information about it later.


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