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November 2, 2012

Quiet October; Go Vote!

Yeah, it looks like I didn't do a whole lot with the site last month. I was thinking of writing a post on how to use the old floppy disk drives, but it has been postponed until this month it seems.

So what is on deck for November?

  • Establishing the LaTeX math library for displaying math equations.
  • The Floppy Disk Drive tutorial I talked about.
  • Probably a few articles about math.
  • Work out the kinks on my menu widget. (Feedback welcome.)
  • Reorganize and add features the articles widget.

That seems to be the big highlights for this month. No big thrills since this is the holiday season. But that can change depending on the situation, even more so as get back in the saddle of some projects. I'll admit, I slacked off last month since there wasn't a whole lot of stuff to be excited about.

So what advice can I offer today? Well, there is an Election coming up on Tuesday. Hopefully you've registered back in September or October if you haven't registered. You don't really need to re-register unless your home address has changed or you're stuck somewhere where you can't get to your local precinct to register. If it's the latter, it's not too late to vote via absentee ballot. Just make sure that you fill out the form before Tuesday, November 6th.

Given the awful storm that occurred this week that hit the Northeast United States, there's a good chance that absentee ballots will be quite popular, especially if some residents are displaced or the local voting place is closed due to damage.

So don't let the fact that the polling booth got washed out to sea stop you from casting your vote this weekend. To everyone in that area, my heart goes out to you and help is on the way.

For everyone else not affected by Hurricane Sandy, or the Nor'easter that merged with it, in between now and Tuesday, go down to your local Red Cross, donate a pint of blood. Just be sure to know the rules about donation. So far, at least one of the presidential candidates doesn't know that the Red Cross does not operated on donated canned food and toiletries. (Because I can't be partisan on this website, names will be refrained. But what I can say is that a snow ball has a better chance of surviving hell than he does getting elected. Ditto for a lot of the people in his party who--shall I say--are the legitimate biproduct of skipping biology and health classes on account of their beliefs and possible home schooling. I'm pretty sure I can get away with saying these things since I haven't named names or parties, so everything is good. I've shared my opinion without making it sound political. Take that, critics of my website!)

The easiest way to donate to the Red Cross is texting REDCROSS to 90909 and chip in $10. It will make you feel good no matter who gets elected!

So go donate, go vote. And if anyone dislikes whoever gets into office, just smile and say "Don't blame me. I voted for Kodos!"


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