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August 14, 2012

Projects Reloaded!

Major structural changes have occured to this website today. As you and I both can agree on, we can only wish they were on the footer section that keeps overlapping the sidebar. (I just know it is something very simple I am forgeting.)

But now most of the projects on the projects page have their own pages. A clean alternative to that monstrous queue I had initailly developed. There are still a few things I want to do, mainly involving some jQuery or JavaScript in the header.

Jill.js has its own page now. So does It's a tremendous growth to the website today. Something that I hope will impress a lot of people.

A few other things worth mentioning that have occured in the past 24 hours is that I finally got Festival working thanks to a little help from the folks at Revision3 and Hak5. Check out this video. I'd strongly recommend watching it and doing the tips in this video. As an extra bonus, add this line to your ~/.bash_aliases file.

alias speak="festival --tts --pipe"

You should use this like you would with bc, and pipe it.

echo "I am stuck in this box. I hear voices." | speak

Thanks to that video, I also don't have to put up with Unity's "Heads Up Display" (HUD) blocking the Alt keys anymore. I've re-assigned that key to Window+U or as us Linux people call the Window key "Super", "Meta", Hyper", or "Mod4". Just for fun, I'd like to see someone call it "Steve". (Let's call it that for the rest of this post.) Steve+U is appropriate because Unity's HUD isn't a true Run prompt like on Windows where you can just type Steve+R. An important keyboard shortcut would be to create a Steve+T for a terminal. However, Ubuntu has kind of put itself in charge of most of the commands that start with Steve. So instead of assign the script in the video to Steve+H (like how Mac has always had Apple+H for its "Speak" command in their text editor and word processor, we have to use CTRL+ALT+H. Keep in mind, this hack works accordingly to the one in the video such that you'll need xsel installed, written up, and lines selected for text.

I think the next thing I want to do with festival is find some better voices.

Finally, the last thing worth metioning that I found usefull, except for the stylesheet is this page on how to get an android device that won't automatically connect to your computer to do so. The stylesheet on this page is TERRIBLE! Fortunaly for those who know better than to write code in ALL CAPS, I have a copy of my 51-android.rules file right here which is set up for Android and it has in the comments a list of instructions on how to use it. I just hate how all the permissions only work when it is chmod a+rwx. Every file and every directory is executable at all permission levels. There are also a few bugs with it like you can't edit files but you can create new ones. I'm just happy it work at least. I tried doing that last night when I was modifying my resume and cover letter stored on my rooted HP Touchpad. So I'm thinking the method for using MTP needs work.

In the next few weeks I'd like to explain how to use the weather program for showing weather information on the console. I've been using a shell script for pulling up local weather info as the Unbuntu app crashes after waking up my computer from sleep.

That seems to be everything for now.


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