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July 10, 2012 v2.3a

It is with much elation that I release version 2.3 alpha

You may be wondering, what happened to version 1? Version 1 wasn't as nice. So I made a new version with all sorts of radical changes. That was version 2.0. It wasn't until version 2.1 I realized I forgot the linker. And in version 2.2 I added the debugger and mades the code more dynamic. Version 2.3 corrects several bugs that we're working and makes some changes to the quick compile syntax. Most of the program is still in the alpha phase as some parts have been untested yet but I have confidence that the code should work.

Version 3 promises to have some really cool features like class declaration.

At over 500 lines of code, this bash script is just about ready for prime time.

Features of this program include an all-in-one solution for writing, compiling, archiving, linking, and debugging code. You can add include files when you execute the write function and this script inserts it. All you have to do is open Vim and fill out the more important parts. I've just elimitated common repetitive tasks. All you need to do is write your program!

I'd really like to add features for OpenGL in the near future.

This is a project that has been two months in the making. It would have been here sooner but my non-computer-programmer life wanted me to do other things.

It is likely in the future, I will host this project onto github or sourceforge given the changes that are made often to this file.

I'd also like to include a widget indicating the latest and stable releases of this program.

In case anyone asks "Why doesn't it include __insert_really_intricate_thing_here__, it's because I designed this to serve mostly C/C++ programmers who have been writing code for about a few years. It doesn't need all that other stuff that makes the man files for gcc/g++ tens, maybe hundreds, of pages long. It's designed for rapid compilation. It's the program I wish I had 10 years ago when I was starting out with C++.

In the meantime, I'm back on the job market. If you like this program, send me a job offer (locally!) and I'll send you a resume.

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