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Leser.js : Rapid Wiki-style markup without the Wiki Software

About this project.

Leser (with one s, German for "reader") is designed to work like MediaWiki's Wiki lanugage, but without the need to use MediaWiki. Unlike MediaWiki's Wiki Syntax, Leser is written in JavaScript (for the moment). Leser is also more rigid, but with a stricter language, more features like being able to execute styles for table columns.

Ideal for note taking and perfect for creating a micro-Wiki of notes for just yourself and no worries about Spammers wrecking anything.


Leser requires jQuery.


You can't load a file using jQuery's load function and use Leser at the same time. (I'll eventually find a work around this problem.)


  • Process HTML Tables and Lists more rapidly.
  • Use it just like MediaWiki's Wiki language (the exception though is there are no templates...yet.)
  • Eventual integration with Jill.js and LaTeX (and perhaps PostScript.)


Leser HTML Description Notes
!|Column A
!|Column B
||Cell 1,1
||Cell 1,2
||Cell 2,1
||Cell 2,2
  <th>Column A</th>
  <th>Column B</th>
  <td>Cell 1,1</td>
  <td>Cell 1,2</td>
  <td>Cell 2,1</td>
  <td>Cell 2,2</td>
Compose Tables FASTER!
= Header 1 =
== Header 2 ==
=== Header 3 ===
==== Header 4 ====
===== Header 5 =====
====== Header 6 ======
<h1>Header 1</h1>
<h2>Header 2</h2>
<h3>Header 3</h3>
<h4>Header 4</h4>
<h5>Header 5</h5>
<h6>Header 6</h6>
Organize headers with greater organizational visiblity.
* Apples
* Bananas
* Oranges

# Apples
# Bananas
# Oranges





Compose Lists and Blockquote Threads FASTER!

More examples coming soon.


Coming Very Soon!


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